Trying to write in English

The first post in this blog is written in English, titled When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I think I should keep up with it, even though I'm not really confident with my English writing skill.

Suggestion from a friend

Some suggestion from a friend who likes me to write in English, so I continue to humble myself and ready to receive any correction (especially in Grammar).

Taking the Obvious habit

To become a man that I desire, I need to take this obvious routine to bring my writing skill to the next level.

Slowly raise the standard

I'm not fully write in English, maybe I mix the language and then slowly lift the standard to the serious level.


So, that's for today. Please support me in the journey to become a prolific writer (maybe). Because I love to record certain things in my life for people who are interested in me (nothing is special in me actually). I just like to do the same things over and over again to see what happen when I don't stop.

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